Fly Tying with Brass Beads

Fly tying beads are small brass balls with a tiny hole in on side, making it easy to add a hook directly inside. Once attached, this brass end becomes the front of the lure, if the bead is an imitation of a insects head, then you would use this as the head of the lure.

This video goes into the benefits of fly tying using brass beads.


Simple and effective tool for easily tying a Nail Knot


Tying a ‘nail knot’ can be one of the most frustrating knots to tie, this tool makes things extremely easy, the video above will show how simple tying a tail knot can be with this simple, low cost tool.

The nail knot is commonly used when fishing for carp or in regular fly fishing. It is a high strength, quality knot used for attaching a light weight mono-filament leader to the heavier fly line. It’s name comes from it’s original method of tying, using a nail instead of the above tool.

Fishing Bead Lures? How do they work?

The purpose of fishing beads can stump the novice fisherman “surely something that looks so simple can not attract fish?” If you ever thought this, unfortunately you are wrong, so very wrong!

Bead rigs are extremely important for fly fishing.

Have a think of it like this, the favourite food of many fish is fish eggs, so if you  were to use a single light red bead that imitates a trout egg, the fish are used to seeing something like this almost identical fly around when they raid a nest.

So it is likely they will also attempt to take a bead of this appearance if floating down a shallow stream.

In fly fishing, this can be an excellent way to catch many species, while mainly used for trout, the same method and colour combination can be used to catch basically any fish living in waters where trout are also known to be present.

Keep in mind though that this technique is designs to be used in rivers, as trout struggle heavily to breed in impoundments such as small to medium sized lakes.